About J. McCabe


Born in Houston, TX in early 1983, J. McCabe started out by listening to his father play bass guitar and brothers and uncle playing guitar. At the age of 4 years he got his first set of drums for Christmas. After a few years of practice, he started playing drums in with his father’s cover band time to time in Houston at the age of 13. Only to find out that he wanted to become an entertainer and the front man. His Mother supporting his passion of passion, taking him to favorite concerts and local bands in Houston music scene. Then onto open mics at the age of 14 playing guitar and singing. Finishing high school playing percussion in which started in the 6th grade school band. He left the sticks behind after high school. Hung the guitar up and became an entrepreneur for the next 11 years. playing music here and there mostly for fun and family functions. In 2012 he returned to his roots and started his path back to country music and honky-tonks. Since then he has played in many clubs, dance halls and an occasional wedding. With help of good friends he has started to produce his own sound of traditional country music with a little hillbilly, Bakersfield twist. Inspired by artists such as Buck Owens, Merle haggard, Elvis Presley, Dwight Yoakam and the Mavericks and Marty Stuart. Finding new songs he continues his path doing what he loves by entertaining crowds, Singing songs, playing guitar with some of the his favorite people. Preparing for his first album to come out in 2018, J. McCabe continues to grow his career in country music.